What are Ghana Waist Beads?


Wouldn't you want beautiful, authentic and ethically sourced waist beads from the Motherland? 
All of our waist beads are hand threaded in Ghana, West Africa, either by Rebecca and her small Team in Osu, Accra, the Capital City in Ghana or by Umaru and his small Team in Koforidua, the bead Capital of Ghana.
Our waist beads are traditional in the sense that they are on cotton thread and are "tied on" the traditional way, as opposed to having screw fittings.
By choosing Ghanas Waist Beads you are helping 2 small businesses in Ghana to grow.

I have had many waistbeads since I started wearing them and I can honestly say Rebecca creates some of the most beautiful designs I have ever come across and her quality is unmatched.
Umari has a range of waistbeads which never disappoint and always has the latest designs in Ghana.

Ghanas Waist Beads can be easily adjusted to your waist size by removing excess beads and trimming the thread down to your desired size. Typically, you would wear the beads along your panty line so as to accommodate minor weight fluctuations, but you can also wear them along your natural waist. Just make sure it’s comfortable for you at your natural waist when you are sitting.
Ghana's Waist Beads are for everybody and this is reflected in the pricing without compromising on quality.

The History of African Waist Beads